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Even in Lockdown 3, you can STILL have Newborn Photography!

What a harrowing time to have a baby! I'm sending love to all your new mamas & papas discovering or adventuring further into parenthood in LOCKDOWN!

We've all had to ensure safety has come before some meeting their grandchild, cuddling their cousins or parents making new friends going through a similar journey. Its been a story of adapting and making the best out of a though situation.

But I have a ray of light for all those wanting to share their newborn's with the world, this service has been crafted for you. We maybe apart but we can still work together (with my guidance) to produce beautiful Newborn photography to share with your loved ones.

I have put together a selection of backdrops for you to choose from (see gallery below). You simply get in touch with which of the images you like and I can talk you through how to best capture your little one's portrait. That's right, I'm going to make YOU the photographer and I'll wave my magic wand over your portraits, turning them into colourful digital photographs like these!

If you'd like to produce your own digital photo collaboration with me, get in touch. This service is for anyone and everyone whether you have a state of the art dslr, a smart phone or even an old scanned photo from when your not so little one was tiny! I've even had some folks ask for images of their cats and dogs!

Spread the love... we got this!


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