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We are not ones for having our photos taken and don't want to pose, is that ok?

Most of the couples who book with me feel a bit awks having their pictures taken, I totally get it I'm also super cringe when in front of a camera. When the BIG day arrives it won't be a stranger coming through the door it will be Vicky your photographer, hype girl and back up bridesmaid!! I have lots of sneaky tricks up my sleeve to help my couples feel relaxed and kiss those awkward shots goodbye. If you're still feeling those nerves, then I would recommend you book in for a pre wedding shoot for just the two of you, doing something you enjoy (imagine date night with a fun third wheel). The bonus of this is you get lots more lovely photos that you can use in the build up to your wedding..

How long will you be there on the day?

You choose! I have a selection of packages ranging  4 - 10 hours to ensure everyone has their needs covered!

Do you have a second Photographer?

A second shooter is available to be added to my day packages, whilst the main shooter captures all those must have moments, the second shooter tends to catch those little moments that can be missed, and offers a different perspective on your day. Second shooters must be booked in advance.

Do you travel for weddings?

WHEY AYE! I’ll grab my suitcase!

I’ll travel ANYWHERE for an awesome party! I love to explore the UK, adventure into  Europe and  bring on the World!

Shoot me a message to chat about your plans. Everyone's day is unique and demands different needs, so travel expenses and overnight quotations are available of request.

Do you do family/group shots?

Of course! I'd usually recommend up to 12 formal group shots and I'm always on hand to help you sculpt your VIP list!

I am then available all day to capture your loved ones enjoying the celebrations and happy to capture any photos of you with friends and family in a relaxed setting and candidly.

We'd LOVE to book you, how do we do this?

Woohoo happy days! Send me an email here! Share as much information or exciting details about your day as you can at this point and I'll be back in touch usually within 2 working days. Alternatively you're welcome to give me a call! Get in touch whatever way floats your boat!

Do we pay for the full Wedding now?

You pay a deposit on booking to secure your date, then your final balance is due 1 month prior to your wedding date.

How long have you been a Photographer?

I have been a professional photographer since 2008! 

Victoria Sponge Photography was established in 2018 and has been growing ever since. My business is my pride and joy (along with my kids, obvs) and I count myself exceptionally lucky to be able to call this my job!

How do we recieve our images?

Your photos will be presented to you on a USB in a presentation box, with a selection of printed photographs showing the highlights from your day. Online galleries are available on request. Don't worry you will get a sneaky peak of some images with in a couple of days of your wedding to keep you going until your whole wedding edit is complete! These will be delivered approximatley 6-8 weeks after the wedding day.

Can we purchase albums and prints of our photographs?

HELL YEAH! Nothing beats a physical copy of your photos! The feel in your hands or how it looks displayed! Remember these are your heirlooms for generations to come! Albums and prints can be added onto your wedding package when booking (this works out as a better price as you get it as part of the package!) or you can always decide after the wedding date if you’d like an album.

Can we share our pinterest board with you?

You totally can tag me into pinterest boards, I always take inspiration! However please use this for ideas and vibes, not direct copies - trust me, the most epic and beautiful moments ALWAYS happen naturally!

What happens if ..?

To reassure you (I know weddings can be a tad stressful!) Fear not, I am fully insured and hold full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. I always carry back-up equipment, and use dual card slots, meaning that my camera makes an instant back-up of your photos on the day. I also make back up when I get home on a hard drive. I have a large network of talented photographer friends who I would call for help in an emergency, for example if the worst happened I fell ill on your wedding day!

Would you recommend having confetti?

ABSOF%^*!NLUTLEY! (Providing your venue allows this, you will just need to double check with your wedding coordinator) You can't have too much confetti in my humble opinion!

I tend to use 'Your Confetti' as their range of colours is insane. They sell confetti by the handful and also offer canons for couples wanting to make maximum impact! (Highly Recommended).

If you're after even more colour in your photography, ask me about smoke grenade shots!

Which wedding suppliers do you recommend?

Here in the North East we really do have an epic dictionary of wedding vendors! I work with so many amazingly talented and trusty suppliers that are MINT at what they do. I'll always happily share details with anyone who needs a recommendation!

We have more questions to ask!

Don't worry, approximately a month before your Big Day, I always insist we meet for a chilled brew (and maybe some cake), where we can talk through all the details. If you have a burning question and can't wait drop me a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Any advice you can give us ahead of our day?

Your wedding day celebrations really do pass in a flash. Hold each other's hand, it's easy to be pulled apart amongst guests! Make a few moments in the day where it's JUST YOU TWO (maybe me creeping in the background hehe) to absorb fragments of the day as they happen.

PS A favour to me, if you opt to have prep photographs taken on the build up to your ceremony, keep your room as tidy as possible! Tidy boxes, bags and your spanx away so they're not in the background of these emotive and monumental moments!

Are you really called Victoria Sponge?

I don't want to shatter anyones  romantic visions of me, but alas Sponge is not my surname,  that was far to bland to brand! My dad simply used to call me Victoria Sponge as a wee nipper due to my fondness of cake!

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