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4 Reasons why you haven't booked a Branding Photoshoot!

After a year of networking purely online (thanks COVID) and talking with lots of business women I've come across the same 4 reasons time and time again reasons why they haven’t felt confident enough to book branding shoot...

I say lets confront those fears and get you excited about your branding potential!

"I'm too fat/too old/ not pretty enough"

This is the excuse I hear alll the time. The biggest reason is usually women feeling like they need to lose a few pounds first (trust me, I hear you). I’ve heard ladies that think they're too old and want to hide behind their logo and other's convinced they're not pretty enough which I find so sad...

Our Society seems to profit from YOUR self doubt and liking yourself has become and act of rebellion!

But HANG ON, who decided you have to be a vein to be worthy of some camera time? Or just wanting your portraits taken? And from when did you have to be a certain age to be allowed to have your face on your webpage? And prettiness? What is that? What you and I deem 'pretty' is totally different anyway!

If confidence is holding you back, I know how hard it can be to confront and everyone has to come to terms with 'who they are' in there own way, but having a photographer who totally gets your concerns is and works with you on how you'd like to be captured will make the whole process hopefully more enjoyable!

Truth is, if you're building your business you need to be visible online. People want to know and understand a brand before interacting and investing. Recognition and trust really help to establish this.

"i haven't got a clue what to wear"

NOW, I'm certainly no guru when it comes to fashion, but I can tell you what looks bad and give you guidance to what would suit you and your brand.

No no's generally being badly sitting clothes, the scruffy look if you need to come across as professional or too formal if you're trying to put your audience as ease. Generally if you feel uncomfortable, it's gunna show.

If we look what the 'type' of images you'd like to capture, whether that's posed portraits or lifestyle shots, this will help us navigate what would best suit your look. And we also want to show as much of your personality and profession off with the style and colours we use too, including uniforms and work tools really helps too!

"branding shoots are for "those types” of people"

"Those types” of people who have professional shoots are in on a big secret… customers REALLY like to see the face behind the brand! Clients like to engage with real people.

I remember my first photography pages and how nothing would get me in front of the camera, I didn't want people to judge me based purely on my looks or image but purely on the merit of my work!

Truth is people wanted to know the person they were going to be working with, and 'mystery woman' was not something people always felt comfortable with.

Also REALITY CHECK, who really wants to work with something that would miss out on the fab opportunity based on something so superficial?

Adjust your mindset, do a little research on your competitors, look at photos YOU like and that attract your attention. This way we can begin to portray you in a way that you feel represents you best. Put your trust in professionals whether thats hair stylist or makeup artist (COUGH) and a photographer that know how to show you off!

"it’s going to cost a fortune, I'm just a small business!"

Fun fact, on one of my average half day shoots I'll take at least 300 portraits. ALL DIFFERENT!

That could potentially cover your whole year in posts on social!

Now I know, no one would likely just post themselves all year, but the key is potential! You have choice.

So let's look at ALL your social media... you probably have a website, you’re on instagram, Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and pinterest… these all ideally require a different kind of portrait of you as each platform has a different purpose... YOUR shoot can absolutely cater for needs like this.

You’ve got images that would be great for your latest online course, your poster advertising 1- 2 -1's or even just for your latest product. Perhaps you’ll be featured in the press or have other PR opportunities where you’ll need a headshot. No matter what is ahead of you professional, you are armed with a bank of images, ready to go!

Yes, professional branding photography can be a serious investment, depending on what you go for- especially if you have a couple of seasonal sessions a year. But when you consider how many times you will use these portraits, their use and their impact on your business, isn't it worth it?

AND if all that didn't convince you it's time to book a branding photoshoot, go and look at what all these ladies have to say about their experience on my testimonials page!

OH, and if you're just about to put this off for another day, check out me limited offer below...

you do NOT want to let an opportunity like this pass you by!

What you waiting for? Tell me more about your business!

Vicky x

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