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8 Wedding traditions worth breaking!

Wedding traditions can be such a beautiful and emotive part of your wedding day, whether it’s wearing that something blue all the previous generations in your family have worn or the emotion on your partner's face as they get that first glance of you as you walk down the aisle.

If you want to honour a tradition that holds meaning to you, is within your religious beliefs or is something you really want at your wedding, go for it!

It’s when these moments take up precious time and money and don’t give you pleasure we need to consider dropping them.

With over 15 years of photographing North East weddings under my belt, trust me I've seen A LOT of couples keeping family traditions that don't sing true to them... why?

Your big day should never be a people pleasing exercise, take the reins and make your wedding your own. Anyway who says your wedding has to be conventional?

Be bold, throw away the rule book and make a new tradition that truly reflects you and what’s important to your wonderful and unique relationship!

Remember it’s YOUR LOVE you are celebrating, and you know it like no other.

Here are some unconventional wedding ideas to play with…


The dress is often the thing brides have dreamt about the longest. Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be regular, white and pretty; it can reflect your personality!

Have fun going to the bridal shops and see what suits you, there are so many talented wedding dress designers and seamstresses here in the North East, who can make your vision come to life.

Go loud, go short, use colour, drop the veil and add a crown! Do what’s going to make you feel fabulous.


Gone are the days of gender specific roles, recognise the diversity of your relationships, if your the Bride and your bestie is a male, make them part of team bride, likewise if you're the groom and you want your Sister to be ring bearer that’s cool too! All that truly matters come your wedding day is having the right people surrounding you, ready to support you in your special moment.


I love this stolen American tradition! This idea really serves those who don’t want to wait until their ceremony to see or be in the presence of their loved one or a fear of being too emotional in front of their wedding guests! Have an intimate moment that your and your partner can privately share (and your photographer), and ease any nerves.

All you need to decide is where to do the big reveal or which door to hide behind.


When I got married, it didn't even cross my mind that I had an alternative to ‘dad walking the bride down the aisle’. You see this scene played out so many times in the movies and at friends' weddings I felt that my dad would expect to be in this moment.

Good news, here are a few different and meaningful ways to ‘arrive’ if this bridal tradition is just too archaic to you…

Skip walking down the aisle all together! Mingle with your guests beforehand and all make your way to the ceremony together!

Walk down the aisle alone or with your partner, represent that this is an equal unity and you have both chosen to come together.

Meet in the middle! Walk towards each other and meet in the middle! Finish the walk to the altar together, hand in hand. It doesn't get much more symbolically unified than that!


There are several reasons it could be beneficial for you to drop the conventional top table layout. A common example being parents who are no longer together or get along, having to use people buffers to keep people apart, is no fun for anyone!

You could use a round table to soften the look or a banquet arrangement so everyone is facing each other. You could keep it really simple and have just the 2 of you on a table, this way you can face your whole bridal party and enjoy the celebrations.


Tradition says it is for the groom, father of the bride and the best man to make speeches.

I’ve witnessed some absolutely glorious speeches, with the room in stitches or with everyone wiping away heartfelt tears - however not every is suited to making such public appearances.

So… as the bride, if you have something to say, why don’t YOU give thanks to your guest or hold a toast, the bridesmaids share tales of the hen party? Or a few friends organize a surprise game for your wedding party to play? The whole purpose of your speeches is to have an opportunity to thank all for coming and provide some light entertainment to the guests.

My only warning would be, try and avoid any speeches running for too long as you really don’t want a HANGRY mob!


As much as it pains me to write this, if you don’t like cake, ditch the cake! *faints*

There are so many options out there from pies (we have the best pies here in the North East) to cheese wheels, donuts, profiteroles, it's a big expense, buy something YOU want to eat!


I’ve watched a lot of couples stumble awkwardly waiting for the DJ to release them for the crowd of eyes watching them, asking the guests to join them on the dance floor. There are plenty of alternatives to kickstart the evening celebrations!

Make it something that you will enjoy and your guests - rather than waiting all day to do something that fills you with dread.

You could set off sparklers, host a Ceilidh, throw a silent disco (that way your Nanna might stay a bit later) or even bring in a cascino! Dream big, do what you want as this is potentially once in a life time stuff!

It's your wedding day, your love - celebrate YOUR WAY!

Ready to rebel? I'm hear to lead the rebellion!

Get in touch on any of the contact links if you're ready for wedding photography thats true to you...

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