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How to choose your Wedding Photographer

After looking at wedding venues, a couples’ next priority usually turns to photography. Obviously I’m a little biased however it’s a topic worth taking time thinking about as there is so much to consider.

Style and budget are major factors but having a photographer that you admire and completely trust to capture your special moments is key.

Every photographer sees something differently and will portray the same moment in their unique style. It’s important to find a photographer that shares a similar vision as you both see your day being caught. You’ll be far too busy smooching your brand new husband/wife and hugging family and friends, to direct the photographer about what photograph. You need to trust them to just know!

Personally I enjoy shooting in a relaxed and fun style, capturing moments as they happen but not being afraid to offer my couples some encouragement. I have developed a personal wedding style - I love natural light, colour, the little details and unique locations. My experience working as a portrait photographer for 12 years has given me the knowledge needed to photograph people in their best light, in the most natural, honest and beautiful way that I can.

A experienced photographer can confidently direct you when needed, to ensure you get the best photographs from your day, however remain unobtrusive enabling them to capture the special moments when they happen.

Instagram is a brilliant snapshot into a photographers style. I personally use it to show how I embrace and work with colour.

Photography is of course an investment and one worth making wisely. So do a trial run!

I would always encourage my brides and grooms to have a pre-wedding shoot as they can have so many benefits. It’ll help put your mind at ease about where your money is going and whether you’ve booked the right person.

They are such a nice way to practice having your photograph taken together professionally for the first time, without the pressure of it being on your wedding day!

My couples say they really cherish having these images that are just about them, without the worry of needing to get back to friends and family, and the tight schedule of a wedding. Your wedding day will fly by, but during an pre-shoot you have the time to relax and just enjoy each others company – whilst getting some beautiful images that will always make you smile! Also these images are great to use for save the date cards, wedding itineraries or just to show your Facebook following how excited you are!

It’s also a great way for you to get to know your photographer and vice versa. They are going to be sharing one of the biggest moments of your life! I would hate to be a stranger on the wedding day, I like to know about the couples’ likes and dislikes, but also their personality as I can capture it more truthfully on the big day.

So whether it’s a walk in the park, toe dipping in the sea, or giggles and snuggles at your special spot it, your pictures will speak a thousand words in capturing your excitement towards your wedding.

I always help you with posing and guidance to make you feel comfortable when having your wedding photos taken. A thorough photographer will ask to have a consultation or ‘friendly chat and brew’ so you don’t need think about anything on the day. However, I always love a Pinterest board of your wedding plans so that I can get a good idea about the whole feel of the day you’re planning, and if there’s any particular poses or photography ideas you’d like to share, it’s great to see these too. It’s also a good idea to think about what time of day you’d like your couple portraits – midday sun can be very harsh, and the dreamiest light is during the ‘golden hour’ just before sunset. The most important thing is to relax, enjoy your day, and forget about the camera following you around!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my guide to picking your perfect photographer!

If I’m ‘the one’ and would like to discuss how I can be involved in your big day, please get in touch via email or give me a call to start the conversation.

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