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Doxford Barns Wedding - Alex & Charlotte

Updated: May 16, 2023

Had a fabulous first trip to Doxford Barns, a wonderful North East hidden gem, tucked away in rural Northumberland. It was a delight to witness and photograph Alex and Charlotte marrying under the warm glow of twinkly lights and a romantic candle-lit fire.

Alex and Charlotte mixed things up - having two ceremonies, the first was a Handfasting Ceremony conducted by one of their family friends surrounded by all their loved ones. Choosing after to have a more private intimate ceremony where they shared vows with just the two of them and their witnesses. The day was not short of giggles from sparklers to smoke grenades, followed by smooshing of cupcakes into each other's faces. You know it’s been a good party when the photographer ends the day on the dance floor, throwing some shapes with the Groom’s Dad (maybe worth you look at the whole gallery for that!) Here’s a glimpse at Charlotte & Alex’s colourful day at Doxford Barns...

If this is your vibe and you want to know more, follow the link to get in touch!

Vicky x

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