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Aldby Park Wedding - Aliya & Scabz

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

This wedding was something else! (how I’m meant to narrow down their gallery of images to show you a taste of their day is beyond me!) As soon as I met Aliya & Matt (aka Scabz) I knew their day would be special and I NEEDED to work with them. Thankfully I made the grade 🙂 Every detail of this day was beautifully authentic to them. From the intimate wedding ceremony in York to the show-stopping backdrop of Aldby Park for their celebrations, a day simply filled with nature, family and love. With grounds stretching out as far as the eye could see, their free-spirited nature was catered for, allowing themselves and guests to explore the grounds and play lawn games merrily under the shade of their tipi. I loved their eagerness to feature their passion for bird twitching (spotting). I may have had a little too much fun a/ trying to spot birds (I’m shocking btw) and b/ playing with binoculars in their group shots, hehe! I also loved our groom was presented with his first hatchet (you read right, an axe - you've gotta see the photographs of his excited face) off his Dad after dreaming of once since his childhood. Magic! It’s always a treat discovering hidden treasures within the North East and beyond, Aldby Park has been one of the most unique wedding venues I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. But the really pinch-me moments always come from finding loved-up couples that absolutely- 100% put their trust in you and are nothing but determined to have the best time. Aliya & Scabz you and your wedding were LEGENDARY!

Vicky x

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