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The Pinkest styled wedding shoot EVER! Kinmount House, Scotland.

Updated: Apr 3

This place is like NOTHING I’ve ever photographed! With an endless estate to have to roam and adventure, Kinmount House is a playground of photographic opportunities! Hidden away just beyond the border this Beauty of a Scottish wedding venue is any creative couple's dream!  After many conversations listening to Karen from Belle magazine, rave about Kinmount House it was an option I could no longer ignore. 

After seeing teasy snippets of Kinmount House, I knew I had to do a styled shoot!

From the first impact of setting eyes on the magnificent house and the range of beauty spots from the Bathing House to the Orangery to the stunning grounds. 

After speaking with Victoria the Coordinator of the venue, they are passionate about hosting modern marriages and encouraging a colourful variety of celebrations.  

We knew we wanted to focus on colour but did not want to take away from what the venue was able to offer, showing that this venue can work harmoniously with so many different looks. 

With endless scope for backdrops to photograph, we were able to cherry-pick which locations worked best for our vision. 

From a floral colour explosion wedding ceremony in Kinmounts Orangery to a playful setup in the Pavillion this shoot's styling was a feast for the eyes. This varied from bold balloon and tassel installations, ornate styling of the table decor and abstract wedding cake to beautifully detailed and bespoke wedding stationery.  

There were so many fun moments on set including a short buggy ride to Kinmounts, very own Bathing House nestled sweetly on the lakeside. (Breathtaking view no couple wants to miss out on their wedding day)  

The house even boasts a dramatic cascade of Italian steps romantically leading you down to their own Boathouse, this was an ambition of mine realised after having the opportunity to photograph a couple on a moving boat.

Also much to our delight on the day, we had the addition of some cute fury models, who popped in to be featured in the shoot! 

We wanted to showcase just how playful this venue can be and liked the idea of having the contrast of the modern playful couple against the historic 19th century grand building.  

The moment that replays in my mind of this shoot is photographing the Bride and Groom in a statement pink wedding dress and suit, having a scream in the vintage VW Beetle and galloping across the lawns of Kinmount. 

I’m a great believer that you have one shot at doing your day, take the opportunity to create truly authentic memorable moments that reflect your personalities and make both your hearts sing.

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