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Post lockdown - great outdoor mini shoots

It's an extremely weird situation we are currently living in at the moment. COVID-19 has hit the pause button on 'normal' life. I can see it testing the patience of everyone, whether it's people who have to work under new extreme pressures to keep essential services going, parents who have become full time entertainers and teachers to their children or folks finding themselves isolated trying to do the right thing to save lives and staying at home.

Now like anyone, I've had my own fair few share of 'wobbles' over the past 3 weeks of lockdown. My immediate family is split in 2, with my step-daughter out of reach but thankfully safe with her Mum.

I've had a stream of weddings postponing/cancelling, trying my best to console upset brides trying to rearrange their big days. Finally having to put on hold all portrait shoots until further notice and seeing all work grind to a halt. This has been an hugely daunting experience after investing such effort into building up my little business. Seeing friends livelihoods struggle or go under has been harrowing.

However, OPTIMISM is the mantra I constantly try to repeat to myself and encourage those around me to see.

My family are safe for the most part, doing their part staying inside. My husband like so many others is a key worker and although this terrifies me, I couldn't be more proud of him and know he's doing all he can to help others. Thankfully I have the blessing of my son to keep me both distracted, challenged and cuddled.

Finally (this is where you all come in) I have the most amazing clients and social media followers a girl could ask for. The kind words I've received in messages and support I've been shown through post shares is enough to bring me to tears, regularly!

And so I look forward in thinking "how I can possibly thank you all and do my part?" If this is merely giving people something to look forward to when all restrictions have been lifted then challenge excepted.


Taster photography sessions at affordable prices, as I know a lot of us will be strapped for cash, but still want to capture treasured moments, celebrating being reunited with our loved ones.

The sessions are only £45 can take place pretty much anywhere you like within Tyneside, Northumberland or Durham as long as they're outdoors! The vast majority of us will no doubt be sick of our homes and itching to embrace local beauty spots post lockdown.

These shoots are designed to be a celebration of Life! The freedom is yours to decide who's there and what you'd like photographed, be it relations, with your pets, enjoying the swings at the park or dipping your toes in the sea.

You will receive previews of your shoot via email and you can pick your final 10 digital images to have professional edited and emailed back to you to share. As usual with all my services the choice is yours to purchase more if you wish.

"But Vicky, how can you book photoshoots when we don't know when this will end?" Easy, e-vouchers with no expiry. Purchase your session and you will receive a voucher via

and redeem it when you are able to.

Finally, to anyone who has bravely been working tirelessly hard in the NHS, risking their own health to help others suffering with he virus, I would like to extend a further discount to you. If you would like to book a session, these are only £25 for you.

Please note I will not book any sessions until we have a date from government that lifts the current restrictions and deems it safe for public interactions again. Once lockdown is over my session prices will return to normal, so book soon to have this offer honoured.

To book or to discuss your shoot plans message me via my contact page, drop me an email or call me directly, I'm always happy to to chat and dream up ideas with you.

If these shoots help anyone feel positive then mission accomplished... optimism doesn't mean you have to be happy all of the time, but even on those bad days you know that there are better ones coming.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Vicky xx

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